Bring your unified communications
to required business level

Unified Application Suite (UAS)

The unique suite of products, that are extending and expanding functionality, efficiency,
interoperability and relevancy of Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Center products for all business worlds and enterprises, including finance, industrial, emergency and defense. This suite integrates solutions that can be tailored for any requirement or operational need, for any
environment, whether on-cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Benefits Of Us

Additional capabilities

Expending and extending solution capabilities, additional feature set for business needs, integration
between on-premises & cloud platforms

Better operational workflow

Automated dialing and task assignment, integrated behavior collaborated across the entire system

Ease of use

Web interface, centralized controls, simplified management, and lower operational costs

Flexible pricing model

Try & Buy, Pay as You Grow

We deliver unique, tailor-made,
and personalised innovative solutions,
at a rapid time-to-market.

Let us make
your unified communications
to your business needs level

Our Product Suite

Build True Unified Communication with CommX

Call Waiting

Allows to playeither music or call waiting tone while subscriber is in a call.


Service which creates “mini-call-centers”, built on hunt group capabilities, independent of Cisco CCX/ CCE.

Meet Me

Ad-hoc conferences and joining pre-defined clients to it with single button press.

Caller ID

Identifies the caller’s name on the phone screen using information about external phone numbers.

Self provisioning

Multi self-service capabilities for end user (speed-dial, BLF, notifications, clock alarm, background, etc.)

Auto Callback

Allows automatic re-dialing to external callers.

Push To Talk/RoIP

Radio over IP streaming, PTT, hotlines and integration with radio for interoperability over Cisco IP Phones and Jabber.


Intercom feature, integrated into solutions operating over IP, streaming between Cisco IP Phones.

Unified Recording

Full recording service for plain or secured calls (RTP/SRTP). Supports BIB and Forking platform.

Unified login

Log in/out to phone or device associated to the user automatically by connecting to the computer. Full IP phone/Jabber integration.

Admin Provisioning

Enables the assigning, addition and association of phones to users and manages settings in a clear, structured and hierarchical manner.

Mobile Softphone Apps

Including voice, video, chat, PTT and map/location services.

CCx holiday scheduler

Automatic simplified call center operation during weekends and holidays.

Unified Management Service

End-to-end Monitoring & Management Service for UC & CC solutions

CCx data base integration

Simplifies and reduces the cost of integration with third-party databases.

CCx real time dashboard

Allows to playeither music Customized dynamic layouts, thresholds and option for billboards, tables, gauges.or call waiting tone while subscriber is in a call.

Dialing service

System API for third-party call management.


Point-to-Point emergency line.

CCx simple agent

Finesse agent that simplifies login/logout process into CCX.

Desktop Softphone Apps

Including voice, video, chat, PTT and map/location services.

Our Product Suite

Build True Unified Communication with CommX

Our Expertise

Since 2005 we design and develop communication solutions including unified communications and contact center systems, call management services and RoIP/VoIP emergency-related products.
With vast experience in designing and executing of large-scale network and communication projects,
we have led Israel’s largest communications projects in recent years and deployed our systems in leading enterprises, defence-oriented deployments and telco infrastructures.

Our Customers

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About Comm-IT.

Comm-IT is the leading systems house in Israel, providing its customers with a unique and integrative solution under one roof since 2005. We led over 800 projects for more than 600 organizations, manufacturers, start-ups and government institutions in Israel and abroad.With headquarters in Israel, and additional operations in Europe and the USA, Comm-IT acts as an innovation powerhouse, delivering cutting-edge development projects efficiently and effectively for its customers. Our development areas include mobile, IoT, Big Data, communications and other applications, embedded systems and IoT devices, cloud solutions, cyber and security solutions, advanced algorithms for AI, media and interactive platforms and more. Our 400 multi-disciplinary innovation experts have extensive experience to lead your project forward, right out of the box at an unparalleled time-to-market. Whether end-to-end software or turn-key IT projects, whether you are an established industry leader or the newest start-up, from conceptualization through software development and QA to end-delivery and even outsourcing, Comm-IT has the solution for any of your needs.