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Commit and AWS – a Commitment to Innovation and Excellence
So many of the world’s newest developments are produced on the AWS platform. The infrastructure and services Amazon has created – and continues to improve on – are at the heart of so many excellent solutions. As an Advanced Consulting Partner, Commit is always poised to architect, design and deliver solutions on this astounding innovative platform.

AWS Marketplace
AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of service and software listings from independent vendors that make it easy to find and assess the best solution for you.
The offerings in the marketplace run on the AWS platform.

Commit is both an authorized CPPO partner and an end-to-end services consultancy. This means we can assist in recommending and delivering third party software and solutions tailored to your specific technology needs and also act as a trusted advisor in implementing your chosen technology as well. The support and expert services we provide are matched with the ease of purchasing third-party products and solutions in the AWS marketplace, which allows customers to procure both the services and software in one centralized location, thereby accelerating procurement cycles.

Commit’s Offerings:
The offerings below cover some of the services we provide our customers.
Whether seeking to modernize your app, environment or data settings or whether you need perimeter protection – we have a solution that can be tailored for your environment and business needs

Data Warehouse Modernization Amazon Redshift- Valinor by Commit

By: Comm-IT Technology Solutions LTD
Modernize your Data & Analytics strategy and infrastructure and make the most from your data. Our Data Platform Modernization service helps clients modernize from legacy systems to AWS Redshift for improved performance at lower costs.

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Database Migration Plan
Valinor by Commit

By: Comm-IT Technology Solutions LTD
Migrate your database to AWS Cloud quickly, efficiently, and securely. Our Database Migration planning service is a 5-day process that ensures your on-premises databases will migrate successfully.

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ProActive SOC Services

By: Comm-IT Technology Solutions LTD
Get your assets protected 24/7 from a leading cyber company, focused on AWS cloud protection (AWS Advanced Partner, AWS MSSP program), by leveraging our unique first aid remediation approach - Proactively identify and mitigate the risks posed by vulnerabilities that can cause direct interference to the continuity of your business.

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Accelerated SaaS Transformation Workshop by Commit

By: Comm-IT Technology Solutions LTD
The intro-level workshop introduces companies to the best practices for SaaS transformation. Commit’s SaaS Transformation 5 days Workshop enables you to develop your SaaS strategy and roadmap and accelerate delivery of SaaS solutions on AWS. In this workshop we use reference models coupled with our proven track record for SaaS. We present and assess best practices and methodologies, explore your business’s SaaS readiness in terms of both organizational and business model, and outline the initial required roadmap for your SaaS solution. Commit is Israel’s leading systems house with the unique AWS SaaS Competency in both Design Services and Builders categories. Commit has proven experience in design and execution of large scale multi-disciplinary projects in a variety of advanced technologies. With over 500 professional excels in bringing top quality and innovative solutions, on time and on budget to our customers in US, Europe and Israel.

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Commit's Services: