Microsoft on AWS

Your Microsoft workload, Our AWS Expertise

If you have applications running on Microsoft infrastructure and services, whether Exchange or AD, SharePoint or Dynamics, SQL Servers or any other service, Commit’s experts will help you make the most when deploying them on Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server, making sure your organization has the flexibility, superior security, and high availability you need to be leaders in your field.

Commit brings together deep AWS expertise and years of Microsoft experience, to provide our clients with advanced and innovative integrated Microsoft solutions running on AWS. We can help you accelerate cloud adoption while maintaining business continuity, minimizing risk, and enhancing performance.

Whether looking to migrate, develop, optimize, or even refactor your apps, or whether you are seeking a partner who can help you with the widest range of services, from DevOps, automated testing and deployment, to configuration management, and full life cycle management and support, Commit is the address for all Microsoft application modernization capabilities on AWS.

modern workplaces must maintain high levels of performance, security, stability and reliability, while remaining cost-effective. If your business creates .NET applications, relies on Microsoft services, such as SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, and even Windows, or utilizes its Active Directory services we can help you achieve all this by running them in the AWS cloud.
For over a decade, organizations have managed their Microsoft workloads in the highly reliable and secure virtual environments AWS has continually improved and developed for this purpose. Commit’s cloud architects and engineers have the experience and knowledge to attain your business goals, whether managing and scaling data centers, accelerating and automating application deployments or configuring your operating system.
We have extensive experience in all aspects of directory services, from choosing and implementing the correct tool to identity management, workspace management and environment management, whether in the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid constellation. Additionally, we can help you create, migrate or manage your Microsoft SQL Server on AWS, whether in a managed Amazon RDS or on an Amazon EC2 Instance.

Commit’s experts will plan,
create and deploy the optimal architecture
for your Microsoft workloads on AWS ,
according to these pillars:

Cost Efficiencyby reducing licensing and hosting costs

Reliabilityincluding automatic recovery from failure, utilizing tools such as the managed services of AWS Managed Microsoft AD, Simple AD and AD Connector where appropriate

via the highly secure AWS infrastructure and networking services,
including the AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager, and by utilizing Identity and Access Control tools, such as SAML 2.0, SSO

Scalabilityby utilizing the AWS tools that help predict capacity needs for scaling, including Amazon CloudWatch monitoring, Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Groups.

Ease of useby implementing easily managed services, such as Amazon EC2 Windows instances and the AWS Systems Manager Inventory

Flexibilityin the AWS Tooling for .NET, AWS Lambda, AWS CodeDeploy, Amazon S3 & Auto Scaling Groups

Environment Management and Integrationwhether completely in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, the solution we provide will work seamlessly with your existing AD. We will take into account all security procedures and measures to create a trust relationship between the two.

Whatever your environment,
Commit can help you complete
the digital transformation
your organization needs
to run Microsoft workloads
cost-effectively while maintaining
a high level of performance
to realize your business goals.