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Amit Harari



The challenge of the project in Unitronics is based on the fact that our customers – the industrial machine builders – don’t have the knowledge in IIoT (Industrial IoT) or in cloud technology. What we developed with Commit is a system that makes it accessible for them, in an effective and user-friendly manner.
Commit has the ability to enhance the R in the R&D. They have wide experience and deep knowhow in the required technologies, and so they were able to help us overcome all the obstacles and finish the project on time and in scope.

Jamie Meyer

Imagine Communications

Senior Director, MVPD R&D

“During my evaluation of partner vendors, I was looking for a delivery-oriented company that had a resource pool that could meet the complexity of my project. Commit’s attention to detail and focus on our needs was exactly what our team needed. They delivered a beautiful, user friendly and truly differentiated platform that exceeded our expectations. On time and within budget!”  

Shay Peretz


General Manager

Commit took full responsibility on the cloud infrastructure, architecture and delivery, the entire software platforms, the portal and the software
applications - for a large number of field technicians at Maytronics, and also for our end customers – the pool owners.
Working with them is having a real partner that you can really trust over the years. Their Flexible R&D methodology, which means the ability to adopt a number of resources in the most relevant skill set, per sprint – has proven that we made the right choice. We keep choosing Commit as our partners over the years.

Mark Ackred


CEO & Co-Founder

"Working with Commit is like working with your own in-house development team. Not only do they demonstrate excellent diligence in the combined (you and them) requirement collation process, but they assess, analyse, query the logic and then identify whether the output will be appropriate for purpose. No matter how big or small the project their relentless professionalism, adaptation to sector and good humour ensure a pleasant and productive client experience. They are an innovative and versatile organisation that is lead by drive and enthusiasm that is wholly visible throughout everything they do. We look forward to a continuing business relationship with them as they are an excellent asset in our portfolio"

Erez Paz


VP Marketing

Commit is a powerhouse of excellence with professionals from different disciplines. They gave us, at watergen, the tools to connect our devices to the cloud, and that way to control our units in faraway places all over the globe. Their solution was so good, that we are going to implement it with our clients all over the world, and use this tool in all our future products. 

Maor Shahar


VP product

Commit was the best technological partner we could have found. They have an expert for every issue that arises, and years of experience that would have cost us a lot more to if we had tried training our own staff. Thanks to their experts, our Goarc safety cloud platform continues to reduce operating costs and – more importantly – save lives in manufacturing, chemical and oil and gas plants around the globe”  

John Tinsman


Interactive System VP

"Commit and its team members have been consistent, reliable contributors to OpenTV’s efforts across all phases of project planning and execution. I highly recommend Commit as an experienced technology partner for the design and development of enterprise-scale solutions"

Len Goldstein


Founder & CEO

“The MallUp platform Commit created was revolutionary and holistic. There is no question in my mind that if I ever have another technological project, I will turn to them.”

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