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Every electronic device has become smarter. Everything is more connected. You can check the temperature of your fridge from your watch, and soon autonomous cars will be the norm. This requires smart planning from the get-go and strong delivery capabilities. Commit’s unique and profound expertise will provide your device with this ADDed value by Analyzing your business needs and logic, Designing cost-effective yet flexible and fully integrative architectures, and Delivering comprehensive and perfectly tailored solutions.

Our ADDed Value

Analyze, Design & Deliver


Asking the Right Questions

To create a device means combining many smaller components, each with designated software and a perfectly-fitted card or chip, and each interacting with the other on the right platform. Commit’s product and project managers bring 360° vision and vast experience. They will sit with you to define what features and platform fit your vision, and ask the pertinent questions: Which card are you using? What software or apps will be utilized? What communication interfaces are needed to make sure the device works? And, most importantly, how do they all integrate with each other?
With in-depth foresight they will challenge business assumptions, discover whether you are designing to cost or designing to spec, and present possible obstacles. At the end of this process, they will present viable options for your device, whether hardware, software or communications interfaces. This will create a road map with the features and technologies, budget and time frame – as well as the integration process - all laid out for you.


Integration, integration, integration.

Whether developing the application or choosing the right hardware –buying off the shelf or creating one from scratch, we do it all with the end-product in mind. And what Commit’s 30+ Embedded and IoT engineers have learned is that the key to success lies in integration between the software and the hardware. That is why we make sure, through careful planning, that all components work together in the right infrastructure, as one cohesive device. Combining all these, a Bill of Materials (BoM) is produced with flexible implementation guidelines.


Greenhouse for Success

From the smallest test case to the largest complex network, our device experts have delivered hundreds of solutions successfully. Familiar with all cards – either hands-on or in iteration, we provide hardware-oriented cross-platform programming. Our thorough testing process and integration-oriented thinking allows us to be on top of the solution throughout the delivery stage, adapting the Design and Bill of Materials at a rapid rate. The result is not only a working device that meets your business requirements, but also full service for the card and the app post-delivery.

Our Promise

Software, hardware or integration, we deliver unique, tailor-made and personalized solutions, whether a standalone application, an embedded device, an algorithm or software solution – or a full turnkey project. Whatever the need is, we have the experience and expertise to provide the perfect device for you.

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allows you to focus exclusively on developing your business, while we design and deliver your device.

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