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Every year, the number and strength of cyber-attacks grows exponentially. To maintain the resilience of your apps, databases and communications systems, you need the leading experts in the field.
Commit understands how important it is to protect the information your organization needs to conduct business. No matter the size or scope of your organization and business, our leading former-IDF cybersecurity experts will help you manage confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, as well as other aspects of information security such as authentication and non-repudiation. 

Your Systems
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Every year, the number and strength of cyber-attacks grows exponentially. To maintain the resilience of your apps, databases and communications systems, you need the leading experts in the field.

Our ADDed Value

Increasing Resilience, Reducing Vulnerability

Commit’s Four Tiers of Security & Governance

  • Organizational: Configuration of accounts and services regarding permissions, access and billing, including identity management, federated access (such as AD), defining multi-account environments, multi-factor authentication and finance controls automation.
  • Logical Access Control: what should be open to who and how - external users access applications, admins access user-definitions, etc. This includes firewalls, CDNs and other protective measures
  • Data Encryption: For data in transit, this means all interfaces are secured, including HTTPS connections and certificates, TLS protocols and ciphers. For data at rest, this means all components are set up with strong encryption.
  • Business Continuity & Reliability: ongoing management of systems with backups and disaster recovery (DR) measures, as well as monitoring and logging activities for auditing and security purposes, including Commit’s 24/7 SOC which monitors and protects strategic assets of your organization and manages security events.

Our world-renowned experts will ensure your organization can withstand the next cyberattack.
From overall design of information security systems, through establishing cybersecurity operating centers (SOC) and IR teams, to penetration testing, vulnerability protection, cybersecurity product implementation and staff instruction, your security has to be in the best hands. 
Commit’s highly trained staff has unique experience in OT \ ICS \ SCADA environments protection and has helped a wide range of organizations meet regulatory and standard requirements (IEC 62443, NERC CIP, ISO, SOX, HIPA, PCI, NIST, governmental, etc.).
Our in-depth vulnerability and risk assessments, technical risk surveys and sectorial and tailor-made cyber intelligence make Commit a leader in the field of cybersecurity.Our service packages include CISO as a Service, SecOps as a Service, patch management, end-to-end company support and writing cyber and emergency procedures. 

Our Information Security Management Ecosystem

Risk Management

our customers with a wide range of professional services, including vulnerability assessment, security compliance, employee security awareness, advisory patch management, intelligence feeds, penetration testing, risk survey and design review.
Additionally, we provide several managed services offerings such as SOC as a Service, SecOps as a Service and Security Plugins.

Threat Management

Cyber threats include both economically and socially motivated hackers, organized crime gangs and even your competition. At any point in time, in any way possible, any of these players could be trying to steal your data or cause real damage to your business.
Commit’s Threat Management service provides solutions for early threat detection, and both advises on and implements the tools required to reduce these threats.

Cloud & Security Solution

With the transition to the cloud, your organization needs to fully address information security. We offer full support in the process of cloud migration, including: - Building a strategic security plan

  • Selecting appropriate and efficient security products according to your environment’s vulnerabilities and threats
  • Management and protection of cloud infrastructure
  • Promoting tailored cost-efficient solutions

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Commit’s 24/7 SOC monitors and protects strategic assets of your organization and manages security events. The SOC team, former IDF cyber specialists, will implement critical monitoring systems (SIEM) across your organization which will allow for regular analysis of your environment. Their reports and recommendations will mean your organization will be ready as can be against any potential attack.


Commit’s Unique MSS (Managed Security Service) Team

Our commitment is to provide your business with the maximum level of security we can. For that purpose, our staff focuses on three things:

First Aid Remediation Response

Most MSS centers are passive. That is, they notify their clients of cyber incidents, and leave the treatment up to them. At Commit we believe that immediate action is required when threats appear. We react immediately, intervening on behalf of our clients. Using pre-approved playbooks, we are there to give you the First Aid Remediation needed in the event of cyberattacks.

Intimate acquaintance

Optimal security means being hands-on and in-depth knowledge. Not only do we implement the security measures we recommend, we do so from a profound understanding of our customers’ environment, needs and business logic, as well as high-level expertise in cyber protection methodology.

Continuously Monitoring

Customers need the assurance that not only is their system protected at the setup, it is also continuously updated. Commit’s cyber experts not only stay updated themselves, but also put into place tools and solutions which continue to monitor our customers’ environments and applications, in order to strengthen it and enrich the measures already in place.


Information security standards and regulations around the world are hardened from year to year. Business have no choice but to comply with the standards. To make sure your business will stay compliant, Commit’s experts will produce a gap analysis and action plan for your business. In addition to drawing out the plan, our staff will accompany and assist in implementing the necessary steps so that you can work in any market and in any country you desire.

Our Promise

We deliver unique, tailor-made and personalized solutions, whether a standalone application, an embedded device, an algorithm or software solution – or any combination thereof. Whatever the environment – on cloud, on premises, on the Internet, whatever the product – we can deliver.
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