Cyber Security Operations Center

Commit designs, develops, operates and supports CSOCs for any and all of your needs. Whether on a national or sectorial level, for a large enterprise or an SMB, our CSOC team, comprised of former IDF cyber specialists with a proven track record, will tailor the solution, ensuring cyber security which integrates with all your applications and in all your environments.

Commit’s CSOC is a complete end-to-end solution, providing 24/7 monitoring and protection for your strategic assets while managing the security events. By supervising our customers’ cyberspace, we achieve real-time situational awareness of the cyber security level and can be proactive in providing a rapid and adequate response. 

Establishing a CSOC for your organization will create one place where you can monitor and oversee all relevant ICT networks, locally, nationally and even internationally when relevant, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), OT and communication proprietary protocols.

The six components that comprise the CSOC are:



(SIEM/SOC): We monitor both IT and OT networks to detect potential threats.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

We create and maintain tailored feeds that cover specific regions, sectors or threats, ensuring your security.


investigation lab

By collecting data across multiple networks and sources and correlating real time, we determine and classify the threat, to produce the best response and defense. We also provide malware forensics to determine the functionality of threats to your environment


Awareness and
Training Center

Situational Awareness: sectorial, regional and national situation awareness tailored to each customer.
Analyst Training:
cyber multi-disciplinary training for your staff.


Response Team

Our unique MSS (Managed Security Service) Team provides first-aid remediation response.


Security Managing

Working according to the best practices and ITIL methodology, we ensure your environment is secure. Whether addressing internal and external risks, from strategic and operational, through financial and hazards to compliance, we will ensure your organization can pass any relevant audit.