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With our vast experience with dozens of IOT projects, Commit presents its IOT platform - CommIOT. Our platform offers comprehensive technological solutions to help industry-leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our all-in-one platform features a wide range of advanced features that enable any business in any scale to connect and manage its devices in the cloud. We continually build upon our technology to provide you with the latest upgrades and changes. Contact us today to request a free demo and discover how CommIOT can help revolutionize your business.

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Fast time
to market

is a critical barrier for most products and can be the difference between
a market a leader
and a competitor.

Reliable & FlexibleArchitecture

that enables scale, security and robustness while maintaining best practice & cost efficiency.

Cost Saving

of both the initial offering and new features down the roadmap with well established Cl / CD

Our Solution

In the present landscape, it's imperative for product enterprises to establish connections with their products to extract business advantages and sustain competitiveness. Historically, manufacturers and service providers have encountered challenges in integrating products into the IoT network, facing hurdles such as time consumption, high costs, and various technological and business risks. Introducing CommIOT:
an out-of-the-box IoT solution streamlining the process, making it fast and straightforward
to develop smart connected products.

Device Management

Manage device types and telemetries and add devices easily to start collecting data

Configuration management

Manage commands & controls

Firmware Updates Over The Air

Reliably deliver software updates to the managed devices over the air


Create custom dashboards and visualize any type of data from your devices

User & Org

Manage sites, locations or sub organizations in a hierarchical structure to assure data segregation between units

Roles & Permissions

Define custom roles and permissions to modules

Rule Engine

Create complex rules that trigger actions based on data from your IoT devices


Custom app allows your end users to manage and control their devices easily

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Questions? Look here.

How secured is the platform?

Our platform is completely secured, based on AWS cloud security standards and compliances. Multi tenancy architecture assures that each tenant’s data is completely isolated from other tenants.

What kind of support do you offer?

We work with you closely to ensure that everything we provide is implemented effectively, and we’re always on hand should you need advice or support with your IoT initiative.

How long does the implementation take?

The implementation which includes setup, development and integration usually takes around 2-4 weeks under the assumption that the devices support standard communication protocols (otherwise setup might be longer).

How flexible to changes is the platform?

The platform is flexible in both architecture and usability. Based on a micro-services architecture, it can scale as needed and components can be easily added or removed.

What protocols are supported?

The platform supports out of the box connectivity to MQTT and HTTPS protocols. However, the platform is agnostic and may support any IOT protocol with the needed adjustments.

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