Commit’s Four Tiers
of Security & Governance

Every year, the number and strength of cyber-attacks grows exponentially. To maintain the resilience of your apps, databases, cloud infrastructure and communications systems, you need the leading experts in the field.Commit understands how important it is to protect the information your organization needs to conduct business. No matter the size or scope of your organization and business, our leading cybersecurity experts will help you manage confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, as well as other aspects of information security such as authentication and non-repudiation.In cloud computing, to make sure your infrastructure, data and apps are all protected, you need the leading experts in the field

First Tier


The first step in establishing security and governance across your infrastructure, resources and solutions is to handle the configuration of your accounts and services. Whether handling permissions, defining your multi-account environment or setting up billing, you have to define how any user can access what and how. 

For this purpose, services of enterprise-grade cloud operations technologies with methodologies used by organizations to securely adopt, implement and operate their cloud environments at scale, can be utilized. The cloud automation platform developed by Commit Experts to automatically deploy enterprise workloads using the industry’s automation tools offers enterprises a secure and automated cloud environment for a wide variety of organizational purposes.

Landing zone solutions are customizable security-by-design enterprise-grade Multi-Account, Multi VPC environments based on best practices. These self-service platforms become a business acceleration enabler to the public cloud and a starting point for application deployment and migration journey, covering:

  • Account Governance policies, rules, and automation tools
  • Network deployment automation
  • Auditing and Logging automation
  • Identity Management provisioning automation
  • Service Operation Monitoring solution
  • Integration of 3rd Party solutions
  • Finance controls automation

Commit’s experts will help you establish landing zones, including establishing roles and policies and incorporation of Federations, such as Windows AD or other directory services, while addressing access-related issues such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and SSOs (e.g. ADFS).

Second Tier

Logical Access Control

The next step in establishing proper governance is setting up the Logical Access Control for your environment. The architecture constructed should reflect what should be open to who and how. For instance, external users have to access to applications but not to database management, whereas administrators need access to user-definitions and other management tools. The access needs to be defined as well, whether approached via an API Gateway or an ALB, whether from a specific app or through other forms of access.

The tools Commit’s cloud experts will utilize to make your environment secure, including firewalls and content-related CDNs, as well as setting up protective measures against DDOS and flood attacks.

Third Tier

Data Encryption

Your data needs to be protected both in transit and in rest, as it is perhaps your most valuable organizational asset. For data in transit, this means making sure that all interfaces will be secured, both internally (for end-users who have access to applications only) and externally (such as APIs) facing access. The steps Commit’s data and security specialists will set up include setting up HTTPS connections and certificates, TLS protocols and ciphers, in order to match all relevant standards and regulations.

For data at rest, this means that all components, from object storage elements to flexible storage services running in your infrastructure, and any other data-relevant component, are all set up with strong encryption, to match the strictest of regulations. This include setting up key management, whether managed by the cloud provider or by the customer, including rotation cycles.

Fourth Tier

Business Continuity & Reliability

While the first three tiers set up the preconditions for proper governance, for a solution to be feasible, it must address the ongoing management of their systems. At Commit we know the importance of maintaining business continuity through backups and disaster recovery (DR) measures, as well as the importance of monitoring and logging activities for auditing and security purposes and of establishing incident response procedures.

Using advanced cloud native tools, we can provide full logs for auditing purposes, which means that any security breach can be identified and handled quickly, and later reviewed and audited. With proper monitoring and logging tools for intelligent threat detection and certifications, all security issues are documented, according to the best practices, in a central managed account.

Commit’s 24/7 SOC monitors and protects strategic assets of your organization and manages security events. The SOC team, former IDF cyber specialists, will implement critical monitoring systems (SIEM) across your organization which will allow for regular analysis of your environment, with playbooks tailored for you. Their reports and recommendations mean your organization will be ready as can be against any potential attack.