Managed Services
Cloud Pro

This multi-level, multi-disciplinary 24/7 operation consists of over 200 experts providing support, control, oversight and comprehensive management for all business activities hosted on the cloud.
Cloud Pro·Active provides an end-to-end solution for all organisations, from start-up to enterprise, at inception of activities or at full maturity, on the leading cloudplatforms - AWS and Azure -and in any environment.

To ensure your customers receive constant, secure and reliable service, CloudProActive provides:

SLA-driven technical operations
Monitoring availability and performance during off-hours, holidays and vacations
Maintaining highly secured environments, to be regulation-compliant
Supporting and creating as fully automated IT environments
Tracking resource consumption to keep environments cost-efficient
Creating service intelligence by collecting business-relevant information
Implementing and maintaining continuity plans

Our Services

NOC as a Service

24/7 Event monitoring, Customer support, Operational reports, Technical account manager

Backup as a Service

Restore from backup, Restore drill, Backup review

DR as a Service

Migrate to DR site, DR drill for infrastructure, DR maintenance, DR procedure updat

DevOps as a Service

App deployments, Create software & OS update levels, Update deploy scripts, Maintain deploy tools
Creating containerized environments

SOC as a Service

24/7 cyber monitoring, Cyber incident response, Threat intelligence feeds, SIEM optimization & enrichment

SecOps as a Service

Patch management, Security compliance, Global vulnerability assessment, Risk management, Endpoint protection

DBA as a Service

24/7 DB monitoring & support, Database improvements, Code review and version upload support

FinOps as a Service

Cost optimization, Cost analysis
& reports


Cloud Pro·Active

focus on your core business

One Stop Shop

Our multidisciplinary expertiseallows us to handle every incident end-to-end and take full ownership on your environment

Multi-Cloud Expertise  

Our multi-cloud specialists are all vendor certified so you can enjoy full support of your hybrid cloud

Methodology & Compliance

We follow the best practices of ITSM and comply  with information security and privacy standards and regulation