How Did PPC Winner
Help Amazon Sellers
Increase Revenues?

PPC Winner is a start-up established in 2017, that offers a simple AI-based solution for Amazon sellers to manage their advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform. Currently utilized by hundreds of users around the world, this solution has a turnover of over 15M USD a year.

The Need

Products that don’t appear on the first page of Amazon search results are rarely clicked on, making them practically invisible to end-users. This means that sellers who lack professional advertising skills rarely succeed in effective promotion of their products. PPC Winner recognized the need to create a system that automatically tunes and promotes such ad campaigns, allowing any seller to seamlessly create and manage effective Amazon ads.

The Challenge

PPC Winner’s leadership, a group of media professionals, envisioned a smart algorithm which would support the automated launching of ad campaigns, seeing them through to completion while performing real-time updates at a rapid rate.

Translating this vision into an online service launched directly into the market, by developing a SaaS solution on the Cloud, had never done before.

Commit’s Solution
Flexible R&D & Tenant Isolation
at the Application Layer

As Israel’s leading Software-as-a-Service group, Commit brought to the table a number of advantages that PPC Winner’s management team couldn’t ignore: an experienced Architect alongside an experienced DevOps team, scores of brilliant engineers, leading algorithm developers and unmatched project and product management skills. Understanding that software development projects are an ever-changing ecosystem, Commit has developed the Flexible R&D which model provides customers and partners the ongoing ability to streamline technical expertise and talent according to actual project needs. For PPC Winner, Flexible R&D meant complete freedom to determine the mix and quantity of expert resources deployed throughout the development project, allowing for transparent and complete control of both budget and timetables. This allowed PPC Winner to manage risks to optimally support their marketing, sales and market penetration efforts.

The Cloud architecture for the SaaS solution CommIT designed and built had to take into account the importance of isolation between tenants, and provide high availability, reliability and scalability capabilities. With advanced features and services, such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk’s handling of capacity provisioning, auto-scaling, and application health monitoring, AWS was the perfect provider for this solution.  Applying Tenant Isolation at the Application Layer created a multi-tenant, multi-region platform, while utilizing the serverless managed services in AWS cloud for all layers: Load balancer (ALB), Instances (Elastic Beanstalk) and Databases (RDS). By configuring cross-account roles and per-resource properties in the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and managing credentials through tokens generated in the AWS Security Token Service (STS), authorization and authentication for accessing the SaaS solution was centralized and auditable at the highest level.

monitoring and support icon

Monitoring and Deployment

The comprehensive managed services solution proposed by CommIT covered a large array of services: Network Operations Center (NOC), DevOps and backup and recovery. This extensive suite is hosted on AWS and utilizes its cutting-edge services. By monitoring the tenants’ performance and status, problems are identified early and handled quickly, often before they have any real impact on the tenant users. Both AWS CloudWatch and 3rd party Datadog tool implemented for this monitoring.