AWS Perimeter Protection
MSSP Service

Making sure your assets are protected 24/7

The advent of advanced cloud capabilities, married with its large basket of solutions and many technological and business benefits, has many organizations reshaping their concepts of IT and Digital Modernization. As a result, the market responded by increased migration of apps and infrastructures to the cloud.
This included internal core services and even production systems, transformed into advanced SAAS services with extremely rapid Time-To-Market capabilities.

But new times mean new threats.. The cyber threat map has changed, significantly, both in terms of focus and intensity. From DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) threats which can potentially stop all services your cloud environment provides to Malware and Phishware and more, the toolkit for handling these incidents has had to changed greatly, to provide advanced protection capabilities, tailored for cloud environments,.

An Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, Commit offers the AWS Perimeter Protection MSSP Service, a service that includes setting up, operating, monitoring and dealing with cyber incidents, based on an arsenal of advanced protection tools such as AWS WAF, AWS Firewall Manager and AWS Advanced Shield (DDoS), which can be integrated within your cloud solutions

Our cyber experts will help you through the process of setting up the services, including Account Management and defining security requirements, implementation of the AWS WAF / Advance Shield Services and ongoing management of these crucial services after deployment, both in English and in Hebrew. They will provide in depth analysis and reports on your environment’s protection, with recommendations for remediation, if needed.

This service will enable Commit cyber experts, along with the AWS DDoS Response Team (DRT), to instantly identify, respond to and contain customers' cyber incidents while minimizing the severity of the incident and returning the customer to normal work as quickly as possible.Contact us to set up perimeter protection for your cloud environment.