September 10, 2019

Comm-IT Creates Cyber Protection Array for Power Stations on behalf of Energy Services

Comm-IT, Israel’s leading advanced company of software development as a service, was chosen to lead the project of establishing a Cyber Protection Array for Energy Services Inc. (ESI), an international corporation hired to construct gas turbine power stations.

Comm-IT will act as the architect for cyber protection solutions in an innovative power station that ESI is building in Israel. This power plant, powered by natural gas, will produce about 400 megawatts per hour and will act as a backup to the national electricity grid during peak hours.

The project includes design of a multilayered protection array that focuses on a multi-layered protection for the station's SCADA and OT networks and for critical systems, PLCs, various signaling technologies, industrialprotocols and production management systems integrated into these networks.

In addition, during the project, Comm-IT will implement advanced cyber solutions for the collection, monitoring and analysis of operational network anomalies in the industrial control systems (ICS) and acts as a liaison for regulatory processes in the field of cyber protection.

Avi Glanz,Comm-IT’s Director of SOC and Security-Related Managed Services who also led thisproject said that:
“Critical infrastructure projects require knowledge, experience and expertise in the OT and SCADA environments. Proper planning, assimilation of appropriate technological products, and quality, focused monitoring around the clock provide the appropriate response to networks in this industry and significantly reduce the risk of damage to systems and infrastructures.”

Comm-IT has conducted dozens of cyber projects for critically important industries, both in Israel and around the globe. It provides cyber services for critical infrastructures in a variety of fields, including energies, corrective control& BMS, banking, aviation, health, production and the government sector. The services provided include planning, implementation and maintenance of cyber protection solutions for crucial systems, integrated with advanced protection solutions.

As an MSSP,Comm-IT provides additional SOC and SecOps services for managing, monitoring,controlling and supervising cyber events and for managing response to these events, both on standard ICT networks and on OT networks.

“Critical infrastructure companies are aware of the importance of correctly planning and setting up the cyber network from the very first day of operations,” said DimaTatur, Comm-IT’s Director of Information Security and Cyber Expert, “because of how much they attract cyber attacks and due to the extensive liability clauses, in cases of a disruption or a complete shutdown of activities result ingfrom cyber attacks. ESI, one of the world's leading companies in the field of power station construction, has placed cyber protection as a top priority for every power plant it builds for its customers."

“We were looking for a partner who can accompany us in all aspects to cyber from A to Zin the process of setting up power plants from the planning stage to construction to execution," added John Henderson, ESI’s Project Manager.“Comm-IT was chosen for its deep experience, and for its many successful and diverse projects in protecting vital systems."

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