July 2, 2023

Commit at the ITFORIDF Summit!

Commit had an extraordinary presence at the highly anticipated ITFORIDF Summit, where the latest advancements in defense and technology took center stage. With a focus on showcasing cutting-edge solutions, Commit made a lasting impression on attendees, leaving them in awe of the innovative offerings presented.

One of the standout moments of the summit was the launch of the new release of CommX, a groundbreaking communication solution. This eagerly awaited release promises to redefine the way organizations connect and collaborate. Attendees were captivated by Commit's team as they delivered an impressive demo, showcasing the powerful capabilities of CommX. The seamless integration, advanced features, and user-friendly interface left a lasting impression and generated excitement among the audience, who recognized the transformative potential of this innovative solution.

In a significant move, Commit introduced the AWS tactical Snowball cloud for the first time in Israel, making waves in the technology landscape. This cloud solution empowers organizations to securely and efficiently manage and process data in remote and challenging environments. By bringing the AWS tactical Snowball cloud to Israel, Commit has opened up new possibilities for businesses, providing them with the tools they need to overcome operational hurdles and enhance their capabilities. This introduction underscores Commit's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology innovation and supporting organizations in their digital transformation journeys.

During the summit, Anatoly Koushnir, a distinguished member of Commit, delivered an enlightening presentation titled "From IDF fiber core to tactical edge." Anatoly's insights shed light on the vital role technology plays in bridging the gap between the IDF's fiber core infrastructure and the tactical edge. Attendees gained valuable knowledge about the challenges faced in military environments and the innovative solutions that Commit has implemented to ensure seamless communication and effective data management. Anatoly's presentation showcased Commit's expertise and deep understanding of the unique needs and requirements of organizations operating in demanding contexts.

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