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The cloud revolution brought with it many paradigm shifts, which made the entire market rethink, including the shift from CapEx to OpEx and the shift from upfront investments to on-demand expenses. While the advent of cloud computing has brought with it many opportunities for savings, we are still seeing significant overspending on cloud computing. At CommIT we can help your business take full advantage of these shifts, while monitoring and thinking smart about your spending, through FinOps.

FinOps (abbreviation of Financial Operations) is the practice of being aware of the actual demand you respond to and of matching it with the best possible cloud solution, whether infrastructure or service.  The key to successful FinOps lies in establishing clearly understandable and accepted metrics for your organization and regular, ongoing reporting with actionable items.

Cost Management:
Not Just Tracking Metrics

Commit’s FinOps experts focus on three aspects of cloud activities: Cost Management, Billing and Optimization. To maximize your cloud potential, they will provide tools and reports for controlling costs and for implementing financial governance in your organization, allowing you to rapidly respond to both consumption and market changes.Our FinOps review covers many aspects of your cloud solution, in order to make sure your organization is making the biggest bang for your buck. 

Whether monitoring cloud spending by tracking resource usage and managing costs across all your clouds with a single, unified view, implementing continuous cost optimization and industry best practices to improve your cloud ROI, or by completely rethinking your architecture, our FinOps experts have your financial health at heart. They will set up saving and reservation plans for relevant parts of your architecture, establish KPIs by which you should start or stop automation and determine data life cycle management steps with intelligent storage tiering and determine the parameters for auto-scaling.

Modern Environments

Maximizing Client Cost-Efficiency

We were recently approached by a company who, after implementing a cloud solution architecture, had shifted to focusing on their operations and business logic. The CEO had been more than happy to stop dealing with the capital expenses and hands-on involvement of managing an on-premises solution and data center. The issue was that his monthly payments were much higher than had been anticipated.

This was a large start-up company, not a global corporation, and its solution did not include heavy AI operations, and so the peak in costs was surprising. Comm-IT’s FinOps experts stepped and reviewed the whole solution, top to bottom. We suggested moving many of the cloud services the solution was utilizing from vendor-locked IaaS to cloud-native managed services. We tailored each and every aspect of the solution to provide scalability and elasticity and to keep it all cost-efficient. With smart data plans, autoscaling and proper monitoring, the costs went down, and the client could focus on his business logic again.

In short, Comm-IT’s FinOps experts will modernize your organization’s environment, to achieve maximal cost-efficiency.

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