Flexible R&D

A Partnership of Vision, Architecture and Perfection

 Focus on developing your vision & strategy
We’ll handle your software/app R&D.

Honing Your Vision

The first step to making your dream a reality is our secret ingredient to successful partnering. You bring to the table a unique, powerful idea that can move mountains and we bring a unique product-management-oriented approach. To hone your vision, our experts will sit down with you and work out exactly where you want to go, and then what you need in order to get there. We believe that this is the essence of success for innovation.

Architecting a Game Plan

Once the goal has been set, and the scope of work and resources has been defined, it is time to plot the road map. For innovative projects, this means utilizing exactly the right resource at exactly the right time. To ensure your vision completes its journey from initiation to fruition, Commit’s multidisciplinary engineers will be there, whether creating new solutions and developing new algorithms or even just performing Q&A, all in perfectly synchronized timing.

to Perfection

Development projects are an ever-changing ecosystem. Our product management experts will guide your innovation and adapt the size, scope and focus as needs evolve. The Flexible R&D model provides you with the ongoing ability to streamline technical expertise and talent according to actual project needs.  This flexibility in determining the mix and number of experts deployed throughout your project, allows for transparent and complete control of both budget and timetables. Together, we will manage the R&D risks, to optimally support marketing, sales and market penetration efforts.

The Benefits of
Flexible R&D

Rapid Time-to-Market

We combine quick initiation with smart resources utilization to get your idea market-ready in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible.

Minimum Risks

You get the software, and we make sure you get the most experienced developers working on your projects, only when you need them.

Maximum Budgetary

A fully transparent bi-weekly budget keeps your finger on the pulse while the project moves forward.

Innovation Delivery: Multi-Vertical Expertise

Multi-vertical experts work together, thinking out of the box to create new, cutting edge ideas, methods and technologies.

Start to Finish

Commit is more than a software development center. From concept development and design, through funding rounds and testing to implementation and even training, we are the one-stop-shop for any organization – from the smallest start-up to the largest respected enterprise.

Our Promise

We deliver unique, tailor-made and personalized solutions,
whether a standalone application, an embedded device,
an algorithm or software solution – or any combination thereof.
Whatever the environment – on cloud, on premises, on the Internet,
whatever the product – we can deliver.