How does Pentera help businesses continually assessand contain their cyber risks?

What Pentera Does

Pentera provides innovative technology for Automated PenetrationTesting (APT), used to monitor the efficiency of an organization'sdefense systems. Based on sophisticated software algorithms, Pentera solution simulates an always-present “virtual hacker” thatcontinually attempts to break into an organization's IT ecosystem- without ever compromising the safety of the information. Anyidentified flaw is immediately flagged, allowing organizations tocorrect faults in a timely manner, dramatically improving overallecosystem security.

The Pentera Challenge

As a startup company, Pentera had to develop a new product,rapidly and effectively. Following a successful but limited SeriesA Round of Funding, Pentera needed to develop a solution thatrequired multi-vertical knowledge, including security, hacking andcyber. Pentera management faced a dilemma common to manystartup organizations: hire and maintain a full - and expensive- team of multidisciplinary developers, or approach individualhigh-level expert contractors, based on ad-hoc needs.

Commit's Solution Flexible R&D

Commit presented a third option: its unique Flexible R&D model. Understanding that software development projects are an everchangingecosystem, the Flexible R&D model provides customers and partners the ongoing ability to streamline technical expertise andtalent according to actual project needs.For Pentera, Flexible R&D meant total flexibility in determining the mix and number of experts deployed throughout the developmentproject, allowing for transparent and complete control of both budget and timetables. This allowed Pentera to manage risks to optimallysupport their marketing, sales and market penetration efforts.Throughout the development project Commit provided Pentera with the right teams at the right time; multidisciplinary engineersranging from cyber experts and front-end engineers to backend developers and IT gurus – all according to real time project needs.

Commit There From the Start

Facing pressing timelines, Pentera was looking for a software development center that would be ready to immediately onboardand engage their project. Furthermore, they were looking for a partner who thinks “out of the box”, and who’s equipped withthe specific blend of multidisciplinary experts mandated for Pentera to meet its market delivery timelines.By integrating Commit’s ideas and solutions from day one, Pentera was able to fulfill their strategic vision in flying colors, helping Pentera quickly become a dominant player in the APT world.

Flexible R&D Streamlining Expenses, Maximizing Expertise

Every start-up company suffers from the ups and downs of funding cycles. Pentera wanted to have the same people work on its project,so not to lose the ever-precious knowledge that is at the heart of its development. There was no way for Pentera to pay the expertsthey needed as full time employees for more than two years, the time it took to go from idea to reality. Together with Commit, Pentera pinpointed the resources needed to create a “dream team”, which included a project manager, product manager, front-end and back-endengineers, DevOps specialists, QA staff, a graphic designer and a cyber-oriented software architect.

Total Resources
By Resource
Only Front-End

An estimated two months of learning time were saved across all aspects of the project. Commit's Flexbile R&D model provided Pentera with the right resource blend,at any given time throughout the project.

In their own words Successful R&D, Successful Product

“Pentera built an innovative solution that provides a broad and accurate 24/7 view of an organization's information security situation,all with a single click,” said Arik Lieberzon, Pentera founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Our goal is to enable organizations to be fullytransparent about their systems’ protection status and to properly prepare for and prevent future hostile penetrations.""Commit proved to be the ideal partner for us, bringing to the table the right teams and methodology - just when these were needed.This allowed Pentera to manage the development project in a fully flexible manner while maintaining a tight budget and timeline.”