April 30, 2023

Arik Faingold - President and Chairman of Commit - Hosted on the "Strategy Behind" podcast

The "Strategy Behind" podcast hosts a wide range of professionals that dominate countless fields, with groundbreaking capabilities that constitute exceptional success stories in their field of practice.

The host is Guy Brand, CEO of Big Shot - a trading company and nostro in the State of Israel.
The guests sit for a personal interview about the past, present and future.
They talk about new ideas and different work and inspiration methods that reveal the strategy behind the development, decision making and the various challenges the interviewee went through during his journey to success.

In this episode we present a personal and special interview with Arik Faingold - President and Chairman of Commit.

How does a technological vision become a product that millions use?
Commit specializes in the fields of Software development, ICT, Cyber, Cloud, Data, SaaS, IoT and more.You can also tune in via spotify

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