July 20, 2023

Case Study | Bulls Media - Migration of WordPress to GCP

About Bulls Media

Bulls Media is a digital marketing firm offering arange of services, including hosting forWordPress websites. The current setup lackedhigh availability and auto-scaling, posing achallenge. The solution was needed to ensurewebsites remain up & running during high traffic.

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Primary project location: Israel

The partner played a crucial role in the migration of Bulls Media WordPress websites to Google Cloud, offering expertise and technical knowledge in the setup, automation scripts, and guidance on the deployment of the infrastructure.

The challenge

Bulls Media was facing a challenge in hosting their client's WordPress websites. The current setup lacked high availability and auto-scaling capabilities, which put the websites at risk of downtime during periods of high traffic. The current setup also made it difficult to manage the server and ensure the correct functionality of the web applications.

The solution

To improve their services, we created terraform scripts for BullsMedia's migration to GCP, enabling high availability & auto-scaling.Assisted with network topology, Cloud SQL & File store, instance templates & Load Balancer groups. The client received scripts & did migration with our support for improved hosting & easier server management.

The results

Bulls Media was able to modernize its hosting solution with improved high availability and auto-scaling on GCP. The utilization of cloud technology resulted in a reliable and efficient infrastructure for theirWordPress websites and easy server management, and providing the scripts gave them the autonomy to repeat the process whenever needed.

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