August 31, 2023

Case Study | Ecomhalo - Accelerating & Securing Sustainable Shipping Startup by Leveraging Commit's AWS Services & Solutions

The Challenge

Ecomhalo was experiencing significant delays in their continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD) pipeline during the initial development phase. The excessively long build times was exceeding two hours, which posed serious obstacles to their agile development process and hindered rapid iteration, testing, and deployment of new features.Furthermore, when a key employee suddenly departed, Ecomhalo urgently needed to vet potential vendors who could quickly contribute to developing their core solution, ensuring they were ready to meet the demands of the upcoming peak season in 2022. Additionally, they had to ensure continued support for the existing solution and extend it to meet the needs of a crucial customer.

The Solution

Ecomhalo found a smooth and efficient resolution through their interaction with the Commit team. Leveraging Commit's extensive expertise in the AWS environment, they rapidly brought much-needed stability to Ecomhalo's operations. The two immediate resolutions were onboarding Ecomhalo intoCommit’s Proactive Cloud Management, along with deploying DevOps as aService through Commit’s European hub, to deploy a holistic solution.In just one week, Commit's deep knowledge and support enabled Ecomhalo to proceed with the development of two critical components of their platform: anAPI platform and their end user application. Commit then performed a cybersecurity assessment to ensure stability and protection for Ecomhalo and its customers, followed by an architectural assessment to redesign and optimize their SaaS platform.

The Outcome

With Commit's support, Ecomhalo not only secured their operations for the peak season but also demonstrated their ability to adapt and thrive in the face of unexpected challenges. Ecomhalo’s CICD pipeline and process was optimized to reduce the build times from over two hours to a mere 20 minutes, streamlining the process of integrating, building, and deploying their software. With faster build times, they were able to deliver features and updates promptly, enhancing client satisfaction and fostering a positive relationship. Furthermore, by leveraging both in house onshore and outsourced offshore talent, their active development hours in a day have increased from 8 to 14 hours.Additionally, Commit's involvement led to an improved security posture within Ecomhalo's environment. Through Commit’s direction, recommendations, and guidance, robust security measures have been implemented to strengthen Ecomhalo's overall security framework. This heightened security provided peace of mind for both Ecomhalo and their clients, ensuring data integrity and mitigating potential risks.

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