July 16, 2024

Case Study | Truvid - Migration to GCP

About Truvid

Truvid is an innovative premium digital media provider working with top media brands and sites, ad networks, and publishers in the online and mobile video advertising field to deliver successful multi-screen digital media campaigns.

Industry: Advertising & Marketing
Primary project location: Israel

Commit played a crucial role in helping Truvid migrate workloads to GCP. Our role included familiarizing Truvid with the platform, selecting services, migrating a workload, and providing technical expertise to ensure a successful migration.

The challenge

The challenge of this project was to successfully migrate Truvid's workloads to a modern infrastructure deployed in Google Cloud while ensuring that the data is stored and managed correctly. This required a deep understanding of Truvid's requirements and the ability to choose the right Google Cloud services to meet those needs.

The solution

The solution leveraged Google Cloud services, including Eventarc for triggering jobs, Cloud Run Service for Selenium, Cloud Run Job forunit testing, Cloud Function for inserting data into BigQuery, BigQuery for data storage, and Looker Studio for data visualization.

The results

The migration of Truvid's workloads to GCP was a success. By leveraging Google Cloud services, including Eventarc, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, BigQuery, and Looker Studio, we were able to meet Truvid's requirements and ensure the data was stored and managed correctly.

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