December 30, 2023

Cloud Evolution: Wiliot's Strategic Migration to GCP with Commit's Infrastructure Mastery

About Wiliot

Wiliot, a SaaS firm, bridges the digital and physical realms through the Internet of ThingsPixels tech. Its solutions offer real-time sensing(e.g., temperature, location), optimizing processes for diverse industries. Wiliot empowers businesses with data-driven insights and global support, employing cutting-edge tech for innovative solutions.

Vertical/horizontal solution: Energy & Utilities

Primary project location: Israel

Commit played a vital role in enhancing Wiliot's customer engagemen tby providing cloud infrastructure expertise, IaC implementation, and seamless replication of the environments from AWS to GCP.

The challenge

Wiliot faced the challenge of replicating their existing environments inAWS on GCP. This involved complex tasks such as migrating infrastructure, ensuring compatibility, and leveraging Infrastructure asCode (IaC) principles. With Commit's support, Wiliot successfully navigated the challenges, optimized their infrastructure on GCP, and ultimately enhanced their customer engagement capabilities.

The solution

Commit proposed a solution for Wiliot by implementing a Landing Zone on GCP, and replicating their AWS infrastructure using Terraform and Terragrunt. Commit ensured GCP Cloud Foundations for security compliance and adapted all the existing IaC for GCP. The solution provided a fully managed infrastructure on GCP, enhancing operations and customer engagement.

The result

Commit successfully delivered GCP services, facilitating the seamless replication of Wiliot's AWS infrastructure on GCP. Through rigorous testing and validation, the replicated infrastructure was verified for functionality and consistency. The implementation empowered Wiliotto optimize operations, enhance customer engagement, and efficiently achieve business objectives on the new GCP platform.

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