May 20, 2020

Webinar: Managing and automating cloud backup with AWS, Comm-IT & Veritas

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Managing and automating cloud backup with AWS, Comm-IT & Veritas


20/5/2020 – 10:30 – 11:30


Description: Learn how AWS and Veritas can provideseamless backup services to protect your data.

AWS offers awide variety of solutions for backing up your data. At this webinar, Comm-IT’sleading cloud architects will introduce you to the best cloud backup strategies,explain which meets your organizational requirements, and what are the bestpractices you should be implementing. These come together in theenterprise-level data protection solution Veritas provides.

Whether yourdata is 100% virtual or in a hybrid architecture, whether you havemulti-regions and multi-tenants or the simplest of models, regardless of thesize of your organization, you have to be sure that when you need it, your datawill be accessible. A backup strategy in place ensures you do not loseessential information in cases of systems failure, a security breach or human error.With the seamless integration between Veritas NetBackup and AWS services, youcan be confident that your data is backed up correctly, according to thestrategy that fits your needs.

Come and learnhow to match and implement a backup strategy for your cloud solution on AWS, withthe expertise of Comm-IT and the capabilities of Veritas.



Oren Tahar, Storage Business Development, AWS

Lior Bialik, VPCloud at Comm-IT

Leonid Rabinovich, CloudArchitect and Tech Lead at Comm-IT

YairZaretski, Senior Sales Engineer at Veritas


Who shouldattend?

CIO, CTO, ITManagers