How did PPC Winner
help Amazon sellers increase revenues?

PPC Winner is a start-up established in 2017,
that offers a simple AI-based solution for Amazon sellers to managetheir advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform.

The Need

Products that don’t appear on the first page of Amazon search results are rarely clicked on, making them practically invisible to end-users. This means that sellers who lack professional advertising skills rarely succeed in effective promotion of their products.PPC Winner recognized the need to create a system that automatically tunes and promotes such ad campaigns, allowing any seller to seamlessly create and manage effective Amazon ads.

PPC Winner’s Challenge

PPC Winner’s leadership, a group of media professionals, envisioned a smart algorithm which would support the automated launching of ad campaigns, seeing them through to completion while performing real-time updates at a rapid rate.Translating this vision into the reality of a smart virtual machine that can be launched into the market was something that was never done before. Moreover, PPC’s leaders had no idea how to turn such a tool into a profitable endeavor.

Commit's Solution: Flexible R&D

As Israel’s leading Software-as-a-Service group, Commit brought to the table a number of advantages that PPC Winner’s managementteam couldn’t ignore: an experienced DevOps team, scores of brilliant engineers, leading algorithm developers and unmatched projectand product management skills. However, the most important advantage Commit presented was its unique Flexible R&D model.Understanding that software development projects are an ever-changing ecosystem, the Flexible R&D model provides customers andpartners the ongoing ability to streamline technical expertise and talent according to actual project needs.For PPC Winner, Flexible R&D meant complete freedom to determine the mix and quantity of expert resources deployed throughout thedevelopment project, allowing for transparent and complete control of both budget and timetables. This allowed PPC Winner to managerisks to optimally support their marketing, sales and market penetration efforts.

Meet Steve

Utilizing its vast multi-vertical expertise, Commit created an innovative AI solution for automated management of Amazon adcampaigns. At the heart of the solution is a highly intelligent robotic algorithm named Steve.From campaign setup, through to market analysis and end-user target optimization, Steve saves Amazon sellers enormous amounts oftime and effort previously required to run an effective Amazon ad campaign.By deploying right-sized teams of multidisciplinary experts, Commit provided PPC Winner with an optimal balance between theirtechnology needs and budget constraints; from project and product managers, architects and front-end engineers, through to back-enddevelopers, expert testers and deployment teams - Commit's experts were all readily available when and where PPC Winner neededthem, allowing the game-changing introduction of Steve into the Amazon seller arena.

Surviving a Zero-Funds Period

Over a period of 25 months, Commit teams provided the horizontal and vertical expertise required for the PPC Winner product, atexactly the right time. During this period PPC Winner management faced a period of time where development activity had in fact cometo a complete stop due to a temporary lack of cash flow. For a start-up company working with in-house developers, that would haveeasily meant letting the development staff go and losing built knowledge so crucial for success. However, thanks to Commit's Flexible R&D this did not occur, and so when the financial challenge was resolved the same Commit engineers and experts walked rightback into the project, picking up on their work and helping PPC Winner reach its success and goals.

Total Resources
By Resource
Only Front-End

An estimated two-months of learning timewere saved across all aspects of the project.The complete downtime of resource utilizationdid not lead to project termination. Scheduleswere strictly met, and at the bottom line totalproject cost ended up at 45% of what wasoriginally envisaged had PPC Winner gone withan in-house development team.

In their own words: Successful R&D, Successful Product

“Commit always has the right people at the right place and time,” said Shai Venezia, PPC Winner founder. “The professionalmanagement, the expertise in AI development, the wonderful way they connected to our vision, all these led to a market launch that wasearlier than expected, maintained our budget and with superb results. Steve has already increased Amazon sellers’ sales by hundreds ofpercent, and is a smart, well implemented solution that is perfectly positioned to reform the Amazon seller marketplace.”