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A key factor of customer success and business efficiency is leveraging industry best practices, such as ITIL, Agile and DevOps. Our methodology experts will help you improve your practices by implementing standardized processes bearing measurable outcomes. We will tailor a methodology that integrates the best practices to suit your business needs.

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IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a framework aimed at transforming IT and software service providers into customer-oriented and service-centric organizations. This framework is based on the accumulative industry best practices from across the globe and is the basis for the ITSM standard (ISO/IEC 20000). Its core body of knowledge forms the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), with its latest version (ITIL 4) published in 2019.

ITSM provides a holistic approach, attending all non-functional aspects of software/IT-based products, such as availability, performance and capacity, information security, and service continuity. These aspects are addressed across the entire service lifecycle: service design, service transition and service operation. ITSM forms the methodological basis for functions such as data centers, network operation centers, service desks, as well as for service management systems and for service level agreements.

Agile Software Development

Agile software development is a set of practices for managing software development lifecycles, aimed at maximizing customer value in each version released. Key principles of the framework include fixed iterative development cycles, working closely with customers for continual feedback, and self-organization of teams that incorporates end-to-end responsibility.

The agile framework is derived from lean management and includes around a dozen methods, three of which are the most popular, each addressing a different management layer: extreme programing (agile software development), scum (agile project management) and lean startup (agile strategy management). Enterprises wishing to embrace the agile approach while addressing corporate challenges, such as cross-function collaboration, longer-term planning, and roadmaps, often choose to implement the scaled agile framework (aka SAFe), introduced in 2011.


DevOps is a framework for application lifecycle management, aimed at continuous delivery of software releases to the customer. Continuous delivery is the organization’s ability to deliver software rapidly reliably. This is enabled by automating the delivery pipeline from development and testing all the way to deployment and by “breaking the wall” between Dev and Ops teams, creating a collaborative culture. The automation enables increased delivery speed and frequency, while both avoiding human error and tracking mistakes. The collaborative culture enables multi-disciplinary teams to independently assume full responsibility for product ownership.

DevOps offers a unique approach by addressing both functional (software as a product) and non-function (software as a service) aspects of applications. Commit’s experts have significant experience in creating and providing guidelines for DevOps for a wide range of clients. 

Our Services

Commit’s experts provide management consulting in the fields of ITSM, agile software development and DevOps, focused on methodology and best practices. Our services include:

  • Organizational assessments using the CMMI framework, including gap analysis and prioritized recommendations
  • Methodology consulting for managers, including creation and revision of policies and procedures
  • Compiling RFPs for process-supporting tools
  • Lectures, and training
  • Setting KPIs and metrics
  • Establishing requirements, implementation, and system administration of process-supporting tools
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